Time 4 Care Programme

Formations Care Services promote wellbeing and support social networks and social activities. Care plans include a facility for recording life history, social networks, contacts, and preferences for activities and hobbies so residents can continue to access things they enjoy with people who matter to them.

The ‘Time4Care’ programme is an important element of the work we do to support our values of happiness, respect and participation. It reduces social isolation and improves the overall health & wellbeing of our residents. Our people tell us they feel ‘important’ ‘loved’ and ‘happy’ when we spend time with them. Staff across the whole organisation are involved in the ‘Time4Care’ programme without exception. Our staff understand that peoples social, emotional and cultural needs should be valued as much as their physical needs, and to assess and balance happiness and well-being alongside risk at all times when planning their care with them.

More information and photographs of 2017-18 ‘Time4Care’ coming soon…